Wherein we attempt to have a serious discussion about why a logo that looks like a male sex organ can present some marketing challenges. And we’ll fail miserably.

There are certain things that any designer worth their salt knows – basic logo design commandments if you will. One carved-in-stone rule is that a logo should never contain a swastika. That’s always bad. Also, a logo that reminds people of sexy bits – unless you’re advertising sexy bits – can have some complications down the road. In this day of social media, any new logo release gets scrutinized, mocked, lampooned and parodied with any logo that bears a resemblance to genitalia certain to draw a lot of fire. The lowercase letters d & b used in an acronym logo are decidedly treacherous waters – when the letters are placed side by each, they always look kinda penisy (if that’s not a word, it is now.) The ascenders will generally look like a phallus and the mirror circles at the bottom will look kinda like, ahm, balls. It can happen by accident (there’s been a few times we almost got caught out) and then there are instances when – despite the company’s insistence that it’s all a big misunderstanding – it almost certainly happened by design. That brings us to a fast food company in Wales – Dirty Bird Fried Chicken – and their logo. Which is giving a lot of people the vapors.

Customer Reactions?

Seems some of Dirty Bird customers aren’t happy with the logos resemblance to a male member (running out of ways to describe this) and are starting to voice their concern.

“I was queueing up with my two young sons when I looked at the logo and realised what it represents. It is not the sort of thing that should be on display around children”

Said one concerned parent.

“It’s not really what you want to think about when you’re tucking into your meal”

Said another.

Uh-uh. That’s not what we meant.

Dirty Bird owner Neil Young (no, not the rock singer) denied trying to incorporate naughty visual metaphors into the logo, claiming that his designer simply pressed the “d” & “b” together to make a graphical rooster (remember our earlier caveat?) We won’t get into what the feathers on the ahm, things at the sides might look like (hair) and the thing on top of the rooster’s head (known as a comb) might, ahm, be interpreted as. Hey, did I tell you that the company adverts contain the phrases “Touch my thigh” and “Touch my breast?” Probably doesn’t mean anything either.

“Eye of the Beholder” and all that.

Designer Mark James, the cat who created the logo also denied the resemblance: “We were given the name Dirty Bird as the brief, and started working on ideas. We looked at the initials, DB. Then worked with the lowercase ‘db’ linking them to form the shape of a rooster. It’s graphic representation of a rooster incorporating the initials. It depends on how you look at it.. it’s in the eye of the beholder.”

Here’s the thing guys. If your logo looks like a giant dong by accident, fine – shit happens. But if it was part of a members (sorry) only in-joke, at least have the balls (can’t help myself) to fess up. Unless you’ll find yourself trying to explain this as having nothing to do with peni:
Via: Wales Online