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snippets-note-left-SMIt’s been another crazy time at the studio this week – no, nothing like last week – but we’re in a bit of a kerfluffle due to our trusted admin Amy not being around, nor doing any of her usual trusted administering. There’s a really cool reason for that, which we’ll get to later. In the logo and design news department, nothing earth-shattering to report this time – the last Snippets of September – but some interesting bits and pieces we’ve managed to cobble together. We’ll take a look at a logo design death match (that’s what they called it!) which supposedly ended with the “best logo of all time,” some new hockey logos and a decent little design project at the shop that tuned out just so. Revisit the Apple apple (again), some remarkable old school logos and a stunningly awful one – belonging to The Village of Whitesboro – that’s making the news once more. Let’s begin..

The Weaponization of Logos.

Logo mashups are being used to bag on everything from political parties, to candidates, to sports teams. Like this one..

Marvel design department.

Behind the scenes..


We hadn’t. Though maybe we should add it to the Fedex hidden logo post we did a while back..

When we grow up..

We want to be as good as these guys..

Told them so too..

Love, love, love this logo.

10th Anniversary for the Ice Dogs. Hey, did we tell you it’s our 20th?

Simplified logo design.

In a nutshell.

Change the damn thing already.

This is not a “controversial” logo. It is an awful, horrible, double plus no good logo. It is literally a racist depiction of a guy strangling another guy. In context, the name don’t help either..

Logo death match or some such.

Some designers choose what they think is the best logo of all time.

Trump as logos.

Because why not..

It’s nice when..

Design plans come together. A few weeks ago, we wrote a fairly in-depth case study on creating a vintage distressed T-shirt logo for one of our long time clients Mixed Marital Arts Fitness Academy. You can click on the link if you like, but here’s a reminder of what the final artwork looked like:logo-distressed-effect-designNot much to look at – the art was designed to sit on top of a dark T-shirt, the shirt itself becoming one of the colors. Just received an email from MMAFA owner Stephane D’Amour straight from the printer’s production floor, including an attached image of the first shirt as it came hot off the press:distressed-logo-tshirt-designOkay, that’s not too bad. Not bad at all.

Sounds simple enough.

While we’re talking about logos and biting – technically we haven’t just yet, but we’re about to – here’s a great (though unconfirmed) story – Coleco – the guys behind the Cabbage Patch Dolls – also had a computer system, called the Adam. Back it the day, it was rumored that they called it that because Adam “ate the Apple.” As in the Garden of Eden story. And Apple computer. Dinnit quite work out that way though..

Thanks Mr. Nicebot.

The feeling is entirely mutual.

Another logo skirmish..

Health company takes issue with Walmart‘s logo for Sam’s Club.

Social media and logo design.

It’s officially a thing now.

Speaking of logo skirmishes..

Messing with somebody’s logo can get expensive. Especially if that somebody is Jay Z. $7 million worth of expensive..

Hockey logos. We got yer hockey logos.

Couple of new NHL releases..

Behind the scenes.

How open-source logos get made.

Dubai Expo 2020 logo.

The back story to this unique design.

This. This.

A thousand times this. A logo is not a brand, but an important part of it. Almost like like a spark plug. In an engine.

Badass Logo Design Rockstars.

Up and comers..

Yeah, this is NEVER a good idea..

US citizen. Bootlegging Olympic merchandise. In Japan. What could possibly go wrong? Other than everything that’s already gone wrong that is.

Do logos need to work in black & white?

This guy getting retweeted a lot certainly seems to think so. Oh wait, that’s us..

Dunno to be honest.

But that Apple logo as Superman picture is worth the price of admission to this one..

Did somebody say design tips?

You can never have enough tips. These nice people have a few about designing logos..

Amy’s getting herself married.

Clients of our studio have invariably talked to our hard-working and ever-so-efficient admin Amy at one time or another. Though you probably didn’t this week ’cause Amy‘s been away, preparing for her wedding on Saturday to fiance Alex. While we miss Amy terribly and chaos has descended on our humble shop (“what’s the password to our damn Wi-Fi again?!!!“) we’re sure you’ll all join us in wishing her the best on her very special day, and for all the special days to come. I have a lovely photograph of Amy in her wedding finery in my iPhone (but we’re not – under pain of death – allowed to publish it till after the ceremony) that we’ll add in an update.

We all love you Amy! (come back soon.)

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