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A series of Design Help tips, suggestions & practical advice assembled by designers in our studio. For more help features check out the Buyer’s Branding Tips category on our blog.

Design Project Tips

Working with a designer on your new identity

Naturally. we’d like to claim that every one of the company logos on our website are the result of a hitch-free, happy-go-lucky, sparkles and unicorns themed design process. While it’s true that the vast majority of our design projects end successfully, there has been the occasional project that’s run into snags and require special attention.

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“It’s highly unlikely a design that does not have the ah-ha factor can be forced into a logo that you love by Frankensteining a bit from one concept into another.”

Here’s a brief checklist of some things that can help ensure a successful design project. You can also read about things not to do when designing a logo when you’re finished here.

Micro-edits. Cool, but of limited consequences.

As designers, we are trained in many aspects of design, graphics and technology. By the time you view preliminary designs, we have attempted every variation of that particular design, having moved swooshes, right, left, up and down. Micro-tweaks will not improve the design if it is not to your liking. Best to tell your designer that you’re not happy with the design, and work from fresh proposals. It’s highly unlikely a design that does not have the ah-ha factor can be forced into a logo that you love by moving its elements around or Frankensteining a bit from one concept into another.

All monitors are not created equally.

While we utilize every technique available to standardize color for clients, there are some technical issues that are beyond even our capabilities. Your designer will assist you understanding some color issues that may affect the way you view your logo colors. We’ll make sure that there are NO surprises when you print your logo. For best color accuracy we suggest using the Pantone Matching System.

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

We’ve set up The Logo Factory so that you can communicate with us via many ways. Our staff are among the most knowledgeable logo-designers on the planet, so their wealth of pertinent information is extensive and ALL available to you. They also wish to assist you in obtaining the best design possible (after all – to a large part, it is their creativity and work on display. They want to look good too…)

“Sometimes logo design is fun, fun, fun (till Daddy took the T-bird away) but like any creative endeavor it can also be like ‘pulling teeth’..”

Be patient. Logo design can be a frustrating experience.

Sometimes logo design is fun, fun, fun (till Daddy took the T-bird away) but like any creative endeavor it can also be like ‘pulling teeth‘. “The design is not just ‘right’”, “It’s just not setting me on fire” will sometimes be your reaction to designs presented. That’s okay – we can’t win them all (thought it would be nice to ‘nail’ every logo project out of the gate – it’s just not possible.) And remember, it a designer is creating revisions after revision in the quest for your perfect logo, they are not meaning to hold your plans up. We’re all on the same page. You want a logo that you feel is worthy of representing your company. Our designers want to produce a logo that will look impressive in in their portfolio. As a business factor (and in terms of our studio‘s ‘bottom line’,) finishing up your logo in the shortest time is the desired outcome. The additional time that these rounds of revisions take, is being performed in your, and the project’s best interests. Be patient. You will get ‘there’.

Send all your revision requests by e-mail.

A simple piece of advice. While are designers are generally available by phone, and they are more than happy to assist, it’s usually advisable to send your logo revision requests via e-mail. Even as a ‘follow-up’ to a phone call. Notes can be lost, directions can become garbled. Best to write ‘em down and leave a ‘paper trail’.

Straightforward stuff sure, but but all of these little tips and hints will maximize your (and our) opportunity to develop a really cool logo. And that’s what it’s all about.

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