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A really cool logo

The Kona Ice logo project turned out to be very cool. Literally

Cool logo on a truck
One of the biggest kicks a logo designer can get is when they see their design work being utilized in a really cool way (in this instance, quite literally). Take this penguin logo for Kona Ice for example, as featured on the company’s shaved ice trucks, and done up as a very cool vehicle wrap. Pretty sweet huh? This example drives home our point about illustrative logos, their application as character driven graphics and being a effective way to build a cool brand. In terms of the company itself, you can learn more about Kona Ice at their website and see how their brand is really coming together nicely. Here’s a look at the original logo workup and how it’s been utilized on the side of the truck. For more on Kona Ice visit their website here.

Cool logo on side of ice truck

This got us thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a section on our website that featured logos being used? Not just on websites, brochures and what not, but in ‘different’ applications like the cool truck featured here. Dealing with most of our design clients remotely, more often than not, we create their company logos, pass off the design to the client and lose touch as the months, and years, wear on. Thankfully, our clients often send us ‘thought you’d like to see’ e-mails with photographs with our work as they’re using it. Accordingly, if you’re a previous client of The Logo Factory®, and you have some photos of the logos we developed for you being used in a cool way, give us a shout and we’ll feature them in our site.

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