We r in ur closetz steeling ur magentaz.. T-Mobile stakes its trademark claim on magenta..

File this one under the WTF category. T-Mobile (owned by communication giant Deutsche Telekom (DT)) are claiming that they own the trademark to the color magenta – one of two colors used in the company’s logo. t-mobile-logoThe legals read something like this (no word on claims for grey, their secondary color) –

Deutsche Telekom AG, which uses the colour “magenta” for designating its services and in its advertisements and/or commercials, has been the owner of the colour mark No. 395 52 630 “magenta” (RAL 4010) since September 12, 2000 which was registered on the basis of a proven secondary meaning (i. a. for goods and services in the field of tele-communications). Furthermore, the plaintiff is also the proprietor of Community colour mark “magenta” registered on August 3, 2000.

Apparently, they’re not the only ones – Red Bull energy drink is also laying trademark claim to colors in their logo which is causing quite a stir, especially in Europe, where both are being questioned as not meeting the criteria of various trademark rules, regs and criteria. Interesting stuff. As Colour Lovers sarcastically point out

“Don’t worry trademarks only apply to the industry sector that they are registered under and since DT applied for their trademark in the tele-communications sector you just can’t use the color magenta around anything to do with phones, digital media…oh and just about anything on the internet.”

Guess that’s a magenta version of The Logo Factory out. We’ll have to keep with purple (unless somebody wants to stake a claim on that too?)