A (not so) little design project just for fun.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a full-blown design contest screed or crowdsourcing rant (they’ve been done to death and for the time being, I don’t have it in me.) I also haven’t designed or illustrated something really, really complex – just for the hell of it – in quite some time. Figured this was the best of both worlds – a snarky, monster-sized infographic that imagines logo design contests as a game (which they kinda are) based on the real McCoy (or McCoys if you will.) Here’s what I ended up with (be patient – it weighs in a 307 kbs):

Spec Work Design Game

You can have a gander at a bigger size here (for more robust internet pipes.)

Anyhoo, I set this puppy up in Illustrator over about a week, starting with the icons and spot illustrations, writing the text and then trying to incorporate everything into a zany board game theme, based on some foggy memories from my youth. Sure, the underlying subject matter is a pet gripe but I ended up having a lot of fun with this (while still attempting to illustrate the issues with spec work sites and design contests.) Speaking of which – any similarity to actual design contest sites is purely intentional and in fact, I used exact scenarios, rules and methodologies from a leading one for direction. (There’s 99 reasons why I won’t say who it is. Not a hundred. Ninety nine.) Meanwhile, If you’re interested in a real logo game, you can always have a go at our latest Movie Logo Quiz.


We created a client-centric version that picks up where this one left off. Namely, a look at things from a buyer’s point of view. Check out our logo design contest explainer infographic here for more.