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Prepping logo art for blade cutting & vinyl plotters

It’s always nice to have a logo that looks “nice” but it’s stuff under the hood that makes it work. Often invisible to clients, unless they have the appropriate software, how a logo is setup is just as important as the design itself. How to prep digital assets for blade cutting with vinyl plotters.

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Converting a logo to vector

Having a vector version of your logo is an absolute must, but what if you only have a small, bitmap version? Just run it through Adobe Illustrators “image trace” right? Not really, cause image trace kinda sucks for converting logos to vector art..

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Copyright, trademark & logos

Copyright, trademark and your intellectual property rights can be confusing for anyone new to design, either as a designer or a client. A practical guide to who owns what, what you can protect, how you can protect it, and what to do when someone copies your logo.

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Copyright infringement is theft & other myths

Sure, copyright infringement sucks, but it isn’t theft. Fair use isn’t really a thing, and the government won’t help you enforce your copyrights. We tackle the sometimes confusing area of design ownership and property rights and debunk the top 13 misconceptions about copyright.

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Logo design & happy accidents

Not all design projects end up as planned & some great logos happen quite by accident. In this case study, we take a look at how a logo that was supposed to feature cherry blossoms ended up combining The Washington Monument & jet planes to make a great brand for a law firm.

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Do logos still need to work in black & white?

We originally titled this feature 50 Shades of Grey even though, shameless hucksterism and bandwagon jumping aside, this post isn’t about the movie that bears the name. Nope, it’s about your logo in black, single colors and everything you need to know. It may well involve grey. And a whole bunch of shades that are technically tints..

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The top 3 worst logos?

Are these the 3 worst logos in the history of ever? The internet sure thinks so. How bad design and a phenomenon called pareidolia earned a dentist logo, a brand for a university course and a word mark for a UK government department their place in infamy.

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Fubar logo design – when gigs go sideways

FUBAR is an old military acronym that stands for F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition. A bit of a stretch but still pretty apt, considering the subject matter of this post. See, while it’s nice to extol the virtues of logos, and how the design of same can be ‘fun, fun, fun,’ sometimes it’s worthwhile to take an unflinching look at some of the downsides of the process itself. A look at some project wreckers and suggestions how to avoid them.

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