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Is Spec Work Evil?

ICYMI; Fiery debate from SXSW ’09 on whether spec work, design contests and free pitching are evil. Video & Transcript.

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Logos Not Hamburgers

A sometimes hilarious series of observations about the weirder side of the logo design market. Design contests to $5 logos, it’s all here.

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The Designer Lounge

A library of from-the-trenches features on designing logos, business advice, opinions and some battle-tested design tips and tricks from shop. Free downloads and business templates you can use in your day-to-day.

Quick design tips: Tricks, techniques & info you can use day-to-day

Outlining Fonts For Logos

A short tutorial on the proper way to place an outline around type using Adobe Illustrator & the Pathfinder tool

Auto-tracing Images For Logos

Auto-tracing images for logos is not recommended, but if you’re set on it, here’s some tips to help you get it right..

Spot Colors & Gradients

Gradients with spot colors and how NOT to use a file setup that drives printers & other designers insane..

Draw A Perfect Cog

Step-by-step tutorial on how to design a perfectly symmetrical cog using Illustrator. In twenty seconds or less..

Logo Design Faux Pas

Ten surprisingly common design mistakes you should never, ever commit when creating a logo. Let’s count ’em down..

The Poor Man's Copyright

It may sound wonderful in theory and all, but here’s why the “poor man’s copyright” is wrong, stupid & doesn’t work..

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The Factory Lounge

Articles, features and downloads of particular interest to designers, or written from a designer point-of-view. Some are direct links to general content. Others, designer-centric material that’s only available from this page.


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“More often than not, business logos don’t actually portray what the company does. Or creates. Think the McDonald’s Golden Arches. No hamburgers. Think the FedEx logo. No trucks or planes (though a cool ‘hidden’ arrow). Think the Nike swoosh. No sneakers..”

Logo Design Tips

Practical pointers from our team

“These DIY sites are simply a glitzy logo template generator and it’s technically true that you don’t need to be a designer to use them. That’s because there’s no design work being performed. These would be known as clip art logos..” McLogo And Other Design Follies

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