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Logopalooza 3

Our free digital magazine showcasing logos & branding design and some other interesting features. 32 pages of logo goodness.

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Logo Design Contest Explainer

Design Contest Explainer

Thinking of running a design contest for your new logo? You should probably read this primer first. Free 15 page PDF ebook.

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Tiger Logo

Free Logos

Our Morgue Files are a series of free artwork & logos from our rejected design archives. Download full vector versions and use as you see fit…

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Logos and colors

Color Psychology & Logos

Infographic on what colors mean, how they work together & what the top 100 most valuable brands are doing in the color department.

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The Warehouse: Free ebooks, infographics & logos

Most factories have areas where they store things - raw materials, odds & ends too useful to toss and random goodies there’s no other place for. They’re usually called warehouses. This is ours. Free ebooks, logos & infographics.

Free eBook downloads

Logopalooza 3

Logopalooza is our (sometimes) monthly digital magazine dedicated to logos, design & branding..

Guide To Logo Formats

This free illustrated 48 page PDF walks you through the file formats you’ll need to manage your logo and brand assets effectively…

Top 50 Rebrands of 2014

15 page PDF ebook features the most interesting rebrands & logo redesigns of 2014. Before & after examples with commentary

The Guide To Great Logos

The essential guide to getting a logo designed for your company, product or service. Illustrated. Free 222 page PDF.

Design Contest Explainer

Thinking about running a design contest for your new logo? You should probably read this contest primer first..

Power Colors

Designing effective color systems for logos & brands. 31 page ebook examines the emotional response to colors, color pairing & more..

Audio files

Podcast Soundtracks

When we needed soundtrack music for our podcasts, we didn’t knock-off tunes from our favorite CD. We made our own..

Design Podcasts

Logo design podcasts direct from our studio. News, views opinions and advice. Listen now with our inline audio player..

Infographics and charts

The Logo Design Contest Game

This retro-themed infographic for designers looks at spec work and crowdsourcing as a board game, tongue firmly planted in cheek..

Spec Work Pyramid

Infographic chart demonstrates the decreasing value of spec work as more contributors sumbit work. In PDF format..

Logo Color Psychology

Infographic analyzes the color psychology behind the world’s most successful brands. See what color combinations work & why..

Brand Color Stats

Monster sized infographic looks at color psychology & how the most successful global brands utilize in their logo choices..

How Design Contests Work

Graphic flow chart walks you through the decision making process on whether to launch a contest for your new logo..

More Logo Design News & Opinion

For the latest in branding articles, news & views and general mirth & mayhem, check out our design blog.

The Warehouse

The Logo Factory storage area. Whenever we create infographics and ebooks, we usually make them available for download from our blog. Trouble is, these posts have a way of disappearing into the recesses of our site and are sometimes difficult to find, or users may not notice they’re available at all. To that end, we’ve created this storage area for our free stuff – a warehouse – and a permanent location for our ebooks, infographics and Morgue Files. Speaking of which…

Morgue Files Logo

Morgue Files

As grim as it may sound (and ignoring our skull logo for a second,) Morgue Files is an old newspaper and magazine term that refers to unused photography and editorial. Nothing wrong with any of it per se, save it was judged at the time to not be appropriate for publication. Since the material was either time-dated or topic-specific, it would probably remain unused and relegated to the archives, never to see the light of day. At our studio we have an extensive archive of unused logos, graphics & art – our own Morgue Files – and every once in a while, we release them into the wild as downloadable vector art. Unlike most websites promising free logos that aren’t free at all, we actually mean free. No email registration required. No pop-up ads. No obligation. Free. Of course, if you’re in the market for a custom brand development, you can always check out our professional logo design services or read about our affordable logo packages.


Free logos currently available for download in our Morgue Files:

“These winged eye graphics (actually, there’s really one base design with three configurations) are based loosely on Egyptian hieroglyphs. Originally drawn up as concept doodles for a security company logo, these designs were discarded as being far too esoteric..”

Winged Eye Logo

Some eyes with wings. Kind of Egyptian.

“One might think that this was part of a design project for a real, honest to goodness safari park. Or a logo for a zoo. Uh-uh. It was actually one of a series of concepts for an company that specialized in importing African themed art and furnishing..”

Free Giraffe Vector

Would feel at home in a zoo or safari park

“This design was originally developed for a global charity logo and featured in the beta version of our Logos in a Box collection. The globe, while distorted to fit inside the heart graphic, is actually quite accurate. Design is set up as two color artwork so changing them shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve got access to a copy of Illustrator or similar drawing program..”

Globe in a Heart Logo

The world needs a heart. So we give it one.

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