Logo Lounge 4

We thought we didn’t make the cut. Then we found out we had. (yay!)

Just found out this morning that a couple of our logos are going to be featured in the upcoming Logo Lounge 4 book, scheduled for publication next spring. The official notifications went out a few weeks ago and having not received one, thought that our humble studio hadn’t made the cut. Must admit was a little disappointed (though we do have several of our designs in the recently released Logo Lounge 3. Seems there was a bit of a mix-up (we had received a notice that was meant for some outfit in New Zealand – guess someone else got ours) and two of our logos have in fact been selected.
“Where’s yer stuff?!!!”
Heather at Logo Lounge sent us a nice ‘where is your artwork?’ e-mail which prompted us to find out the (now) happy news. Nicole is scrambling to get the relevant images and legal stuff out to Rockport Publishers as I write this (the kind folks putting the book together have allowed us to slide our submission in long past the deadline).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled site update (oh the humanity.)