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Contest Realities

We go undercover. How prize money is doled out on design contest platforms, usage restrictions, copycats, cheaters and other grim realities….

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For professional designers & creative types. Articles of interest, design trends, industry issues, gripes, spec work rants and other topics related to the graphic design field. Fair warning: may contain some salty language.

Articles, rants & raves about graphic design things..

Thanks But No Thanks

You don’t have to take everything. Seven very good reasons why you may not want that logo design gig after all..

Should Designers Blog?

When it comes to marketing online design services to clients, is blogging a worthwhile investment?

Crowdsourcing Realities

How prize money is doled out on design contest platforms, usage restrictions and other grim realities..

Creative Logo Ideas

Stumped for some decent logo ideas? Can’t nail down a concept? Some helpful hints to jog things loose..

Designing Original Logos

Ten pro tips that will help you ensure originality and uniqueness in the logos and designs you deliver..

Consistently Great Logos

Designing great logos on a regular basis requires a specialized skill set. Here’s some ways to develop yours..

Wanna Be A Logo Designer?

Here’s ten things you’re going need the ability to do before you should hang out that logo design shingle..

The Logo Design Contest Game

Welcome to the joys of spec work. A board game on designing free logos on contest sites for fame and fortune. Theirs ..

Myths, Promises & Realties

Have you decided to throw your hat into the design contest ring for prizes and glory? Here’s what you can expect to happen..

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about branding, logos and The Logo Factory design services. For news, views, tutorials and logo related articles, check out our design blog.

The Logo! Factor

A guide to selling logos and working in the graphic arts industry. The Logo! Factor for designers arms you with the information you’ll need to avoid some hazards and dodge some bullets..


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“Everyone that runs a contest site are very cagey about revealing how these charges break down, how much they take in “commissions and fees,” and how much the winning designer gets in “prize” money. So how much we talking? Anywhere from just over 30% of the total dough to almost 50%.”

The Grim Realities Of Crowdsourcing

In-depth analysis of design contests

” If your logo doesn’t have a concept (ie: it’s just a bunch of random shapes thrown together to look pretty) there’s a high likelihood that any random combination of shapes is already being used somewhere by someone else. Start your new logo off with a concept – it can just be a list of buzz words – and work from there.”

Designing Original Logos

Creating designs that stand the ‘originality’ test

“Designing logos for our clients can be one of the most rewarding challenges of the graphic design field. It’s not always a bed of roses though, and sometimes gigs go south, leaving the client and designer with a nasty taste in their mouth about the entire affair.”

Thanks But No Thanks

Why you don’t want that logo design gig

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