A contrarian logo takes some incoming, a couple of new logos, a really inappropriate (or appropriate, depending on your POV) police car logo and what the McDonald’s golden arches are supposed to represent.

Logo Go Round News[Ed note: This February wrap-up edition of Logo Go Round is a little late – two weeks late to be precise – but we were tied up with a variety of things, including figuring out how to make this feature on time. Which is kinda ironic if you think about it. Still, some interesting stuff to go over so consider this our “better late than never” February wrap up of design bits and pieces.] February is traditionally a slow month in the design world, as the post-Christmas holidays, spending the new year budget, January rush has died down. Having said all that, we’re really trying hard to get regular with this Logo Go Round thing and we still managed to stumble on some interesting tidbits plucked from Twitter and the various news feeds we follow. Here they are..

Diversity is groovy and all..

But is it a good design?

Trolled by logo?

Famed painter David Hockney – also noted for being the first major iPad painter – raised some eyebrows when it was announced that he was to be featured in the right-leaning UK publication The Sun, known for its provocative columnists and point-of-view. To boot, Hockney was to redesign the Sun’s logo for the day he was to appear.

Yeah, iPad or nah, that ain’t a good logo at all. Harsher criticism of logos always involves some variant of “my kid could have designed that in MS Paint” – every designer’s heard it at one point – but tn this case, that would be a fair analysis. This leading left-leaning UK publication The Independent to opine Hockney was “trolling” the Sun. Not just trolling either. But “spectacularly trolling.” We report, you decide.

After all these years..

The secret behind the fast food giant’s golden arches is revealed. It has to do with breasts..

A mystery?

The company who famously made James Bond‘s iconoclastic silver sedan is being coy..

Fair use is a thing..

This probably isn’t it.

Behind the scenes.

What we can learn from the Tesla logo. Other than some people have said it looks like an IUD that is..

When logos get political.

Logo memes are a regular thing. Here’s one about the new DOE appointment.

You dinnit read it, did you?

The government of Canada has very strict guidelines about how their logo gets used. This is not one of them..

Nice new logo and all.


Yeah, about that name.

Has to do with immigration services too? Sweet.

Planning ahead.

A logo that’s not ready for prime time. Yet.

Robot blogging.

Why bother writing original content when you can just click on a few buttons for SEO friendly jibberish that nobody will understand and generally tick readers off when they land on your page. But sure, sounds swell, they’ll probably just click on your “buy now” button anyway because reasons.


Exactly what this guy said. Too good to not mention.

A trip down peacock lane

History of the NBC logo, from 1926 on.

Well sure.

Point that out why don’t ya?

I did not know this.

Apparently this has been doing the rounds for many years now, but first time I bumped into it (my bad.) The Nintendo 64 logo has 64 sides and 64 vertices (where corners connect.) That is some fine logo trivia.

Another taxpayer funded logo rollout.

More pitchforks and torches.

To be fair..

You did rip off their logo.

You should always make the logo bigger.

Easy peasy.

New logo.

For Dixie.

Speaking of Pitchforks & Torches.

City of Vancouver villagers would like a word with city council

Retro bands & logos.

What’s not to love?

Lovely design.

The use of two hues of blue to create a subtle 3D effect is sublime.

Oh Milo.

Flamboyant Alt Right poster child Milo Yiannopoulos (popularly known simply as Milo) took some heavy fire over some comments he said in a video and as a result of the backlash, had to step down from his editor position of Breitbart. Not going to get into what he said, or the argument about what he meant, but fast forward to the point where he announced a post-Breitbart media company called Milo. It had a logo. The Internet went insane.

The criticism of Milo’s new logo was unkind.

Let’s take a looksee:
Now, I’m not sayin’ (I’m just sayin’) that not only does this look like a DJ logo, there’s a whomper case of pareidolia going on (that’s when your mind sees an image in something that’s not really there.) But that’s enough about that.


Grim, grim, grim.

The MTV logo.

This logo was so out there for its time, hard to imagine any corporate suit singing off on it. They did though, and the rest is history. Here’s that history.

Oh those boys in blue.

Always loved The Punisher logo. That’s why it’s sitting at the head of this post, while the bit about it is at the bottom. It’s ominous. It speaks to death. Revenge. Murder. Everything The Punisher was about. So why the hell did somebody decide it was a good idea to plaster the skull all over cop cars?


Just hideous.

Unintended outcomes.

Let’s take the letter “I” in Arise. Replace it with a silhouette of a devoted lady. Make her yellow so she’s different than the letter she’s replacing. Now let’s act all surprised when half the world reads the logo as “Arse” rather than “Arise.” FWIW, this is funnier in the UK where it happened.

No, it’s not just you.


Tidy little rebrand for Scania.

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