March design studio news

It’s been a busy month at The Logo Factory, with lots of things happening at the studio and around the site.

Some of the most notable..

The return of quizzes.

We used to run regular logo quizzes on our (now) legacy blog but the plug-in that did it blew up in a WordPress update and we never got around to starting them up again when we moved everything over here.

So you think you know logos quiz

Finally got that sorted out so we’re launching them again, probably on a regular basis cause they’re fun, readers seem to like them and they’re an easier content filler when the well runs dry. Logo Oddities, a modest five-parter, can be found here.

RSS feed change.

Due to some recent housecleaning (the result of moving things about that we’ll talk about it a minute) we’ve had to change the location of our RSS Feed to here. Everyone should update their bookmarks accordingly.

Studio rack chard mailer.

The Logo Factory rack cardWhen I was writing our how to write a creative brief think piece over the weekend, I mentioned something about a rack card we had put together a few years ago. It was only our third (and final) printed brochure and truth to tell, we still have a few boxes of them lying around because we no longer mail out CDs with digital to clients (yes, we used to do that) and don’t really print any more. Still, the rack card version is still kinda neat and as I’m a big believer in recycle, reuse and use again, figured it might be worthwhile throwing up into our Warehouse for people to take a gander at if they’re so inclined. So here it is as a 4MB PDF download. Digital brochures are a effective way to put your company wares on a website so there may (or may not) be a post on making them in the not-to-distant future. FWIW, here’s the original post that jogged my memory. Speaking of The Warehouse (you know we where) another couple of additions to mention: Logo Design Flow Charts and Typography infographics are yours for the taking.

Amalgamation of The Logo! Factor subsections.

When we redesigned the site a few years ago, we broke features for clients and designers into two completely different sections of the site. That was fine and all but required moving blog posts into page format and we only moved features we wanted to focus on – logo design contests and other hackery most notable – so both sections became bitter parties with whinging aplenty. The whole thing became so negative, we disabled the links to both sections on all but our blog sidebar, making them almost impossible to find through normal navigating through the site. No more. We’ve now brought everything into the blog proper and set them up in newspaper format here and here. Now that the sections have lost the bitter party vibe with everything spread into sequential dates, we added them to the top nav bar in a drop down. We’ve also moved trivia, thoughts on logos and design tutorials into similar formatting for easy of article selection.

The Guide to Great Logos.

Our Design Help section was always meant to be setup as a step-by-step area that guided a potential client through the entire branding process, top to bottom. Trouble is, the design wasn’t very good and this concept wasn’t very apparent at all. We had to truncate titles to fit pages into the side bar and it wasn’t very clear that the entire thing was a cascading series of articles as opposed to willy-nilly think pieces on design. We spent quite some time fixing all that with new sub menus that now guide people through the entire sequence. They’re at the top of each page (natch) but also at the bottom because it’s usually after reading the page do people want to move onto the next. We also added a top organizational page that uses the logo from the original book and put it here.

Logo Repair rate cards.

Added new PDFs that outline our logo repair pricing in a handy rate card format. You can read about that here, or save yourself the time and download it here.

The Guide to Great Logos again.

We put our 2011 manuscript for The Guide to Great Logos on the site last September as a free download. We’re working on an updated and revised version right now – but that will be a paid for book as opposed to gratis – so figured no harm, no foul. A couple of months ago a client told us of somebody knocking off their logo in a big way and the photographs they supplied sure looked as if the plagurist had found original vector artwork. Turns out they didn’t – just vectorized a version they found on our site – but in trying to figure out how they’d accomplish such a thing, realized our free book contained all sorts of lovely vector artwork that anyone could snag. And do exactly what we thought these idiots had done. Sure, we had set up password encryption in Adobe Acrobat, but any teenager with an iMac and a copy of Preview can get around that. In any case, we had to temporary remove the download so we can change the images to bitmaps and protect our, and our client’s, IP. If you want to get notified about when it’s back, subscribe to our newsletter.

Speaking of which..

We added a subscription thingamajig to our site, something that we’ve never done before. We used to capture email addresses from people who wanted free stuff but never one did we ever email anyone anything, despite ending up with almost 45,000 names in our database. Now we’re starting all over again and may actually get around to mailing people stuff about happenings in logo news or new blog posts we made. Or not. If you want to find out, shoot us your deets.

New video.

Finally got around to rejigging our original Pixels and Vector format video into high-def. Created back in 2008, it was 480 pixels wide as opposed to today’s 16:9 standards of 1980 pixels and tech talk aside, looked awful on YouTube. While it had amassed a hefty amount of views over the years, it was embarrassing as all get out because it made us look like we didn’t know what we were doing in video (though to be honest, when we made the vid we literally didn’t.) Anyhoo, We took that old version down and replaced with a new high rez version. You can view it here.

The relaunch of Logopalooza.

We’ve been talking about it for years now, but finally got around to doing it.

Logopalooza 4 is coming.

Yep, we might actually get a new edition out when we said we’re going to. You can check this page around the 5/6th of April.

writing a creative brief logos

April Fools.

Figured we might give our old April Fool’s gag another once around, but decided against it. We first did this a long time ago when it was really hilarious, a few years ago when it was less so. See, the original idea twas a riff on our shop doing design contests – hilarious because I’d been banging on 99designs, Crowdspring and similar outfits something chronic. That’s what made it funny as hell. Irony is always a critical component of April Fools pranks so this one got a lot of love on Twitter and Facebook. While it’s tempting to give it another run up the flagpole, I haven’t been ripping on design contests for a long time – save this book and other bits and pieces – so it wouldn’t be ironic and the humor lost on everybody except long time blog readers. That doesn’t stop me from linking to it here, nor using it as an illo in our writing a creative brief post at the end of the month tho. Cause that’s how I roll.