Staples gets into the logo design business (because of course they do,) Jumpman 30th, some movie logos, cool infographics, Adobe gets some competition (maybe) and some Valentine stuff..

snippets-note-left-SMPosting on the blog was relatively light this week, not because we didn’t have anything to write about, but because we’re working on something pretty nifty and that took all our attention and time. Look for some news about that soon. But first, let’s take a look at the big story from last week (that ironically, nobody seemed to catch.)

It involved Disruption. Disruption. Disruption.

You got your Fiverr (who are awful,) 99designs (these guys,) Zillion Designs (yeah, that’s a thing) and sure, even your humble servants at The Logo Factory. These days, seems everybody and their dog is into the logo design business (which is why you’re going to hear the term “branding” and “brand identity” an awful lot more in the upcoming months.) Guess logo design is easy or something, because this happened..

Staples does logos..

Never been a huge fan of Staples TBO, but hey, an office supply store’s gotta do what an office supply store needs to do. Shouldn’t really be surprised that the chain announced this week it was getting into the business of designing logos and shiznet because, of course they are. Simply a matter of hanging out a “logo design” shingle and off to the races..

The Elite Adventure logo is kinda neat, even if is is kinda fake. It’s all ambigrammy and reads the same upside-down and sideways. Wassthat? Call of Duty you say? Lessee..
staples call of duty elite
Oh dear. Yeah, but probably just some stuff from that one store, no?
staples logo design website
Apparently not. It’s all over the Staples website too, pretty well the poster child of their logo examples:
more elite examples logo design
I guess we could write this one off as derivative, maybe even a coincidence or a one-off (Pro Tip: Google “coffee cup vector logo” and then look at that little “Your Cup” coffee cup again.) Anyhoo, all good Staples – welcome to the pond..

Hold up.

Isn’t there a lawsuit about this whole Jumpman thing? Why yes. Yes there is.

With all this talk about American Sniper..

Did anyone take a look at the logo? Let’s do that..

Nope. Nope. Nope.

You cannot own the letter ‘W’

Booze label

Local lady. Great style. Good cause. Nice wine.

Snickers trolls Sports Illustrated.

Pretty epically too.

There’s one on every crowd.

Katy Whatshername’s lawyers bitched at some Left Shark fan who wanted to pay homage. His lawyer fired back. Yes, it is magnificent.

Haven’t seen Zardoz?

Imagine a shirtless, pony-tailed Sean Connery wearing a red diaper and a bandolier. Giant concrete heads that fly. That would be Zardoz and it’s epic in it’s awfulness.

Another movie logo

As Big Trouble in Little China hero Jack Burton would say “It’s all in the reflexes..”

Fast Company’s Top 50 Innovative Company list.

Somebody should take a look at their logos.

New logo!

Brand Union does Popular.

There’s Infographics..

Then there’s INFOGRAPHICS.

All about the typography.

Most of any logo is type. Here’s the skinny on it..

Driverless cars..

What can possibly go wrong?

New logo!

For Wiggle. Who have something to do with bikes. In the UK


And even a little Penguin logo. Heart melts…

Seriously Urban Outfitters..


Adobe Schmoby,

About time their Photoshop monopoly was challenged..

Colors. Logos. Colors. Logo.

De we mention colors and logos? Here’s more..

Mother tongues and logos.

Yeah, these guys have a point..

New logo!

Centric this time. Speaking of which, did you check out our wrap-up of new logos for last month? You should..

New logo!

Hold up. Isn’t that the old LA Kings logo? Why yes, yes it is.

New logo!

The Calgary Flames have a new beardy viking..

New logo design book…

It’s free too…

New logos!

Soccer league USL has a new logo “system.” It’s kinda nifty..


The key to great logo design is Communication. Communication. Communication. And beer..

A bunch of logos..

Having to do with hockey.

Negative Space 101..

If you ever need to explain negative space in logos, this is one to do it with.

Who ya gonna call…

Love us some movie logos. There’s a quiz too..

There is no spoon..

Nice Matrix reference but there very much is. It’s just changed a bit.

Logos can be good too.

Here’s one for a worthy initiative.

Entitlement central..

I’m just a freelancer and I ain’t got nobodeee…

Kinda reminded me of this little exchange.

Fifty Shades of Grey.

The highly anticipated movies opens this weekend. We should really know better but someone had to do this..

And that just about does it for another installment of our weekly round-up. Happy Valentine’s to all that celebrate and here’s a little heart graphic we usually trot out around this time.
Free Valentines Day sweethearts love logo

You can download a vector version here if you’re so inclined.

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