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New! The Logo Factory has finally decided to get with the evolving and be awesomely innovative. So as of today, we throw in our lot in with crowdsourced logo design contests. How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome!

After tilting at windmills, resisting the tide and generally acting like snooty designers, we’re proud to announce that as of 12:01 am today, The Logo Factory will no longer be producing custom logo design work for our clients. Nor utilizing professional in-house designers (fired ’em all). Instead, we’ll be launching a logo design contest and crowdsourcing platform that will offer designers and clients oodles of opportunity. To sell design stuff. And get stuff designed. And that’s just opportunity personified. A funnel of opportunity if you will.

Think of it as a 99LogosFactorySPRING. Or a HatchTourneyDesignMyWay. Maybe a BurstRocket. Even though this may sound just like those other design contest guys, it ain’t. Trust us. We’re a lot more innovative. Less snooty. More democratic. And our community is way more awesomer. Gonna change our name too. How’s The Contest Factory grab ya? Totally groovy! With over 52,000 satisfied clients and a community that’s 214,567 strong (whoops, 214,568) you might say we’re the Bestest Ever Creative Department in the Entire Fucking Universe. And we’re still in BETA. When we finally get around to ALPHA, look out.

Meanwhile, those no-spec guys can suck it.

So can that whiny bastard who used to run The Logo Factory. Fired him too.

(April Fools)