The bitter-free, September wrap-up, Tip o’ the Pint, weekend edition of our regular snippets feature. Throwing a little link love to blogs, websites, logos and logo design articles we kinda dug.

snippets-note-right-SMTo David Airey. Actually, that should be two pints to UK designer David, author of Logo Design Love (book review here). identity designedThe first is for NOT selling his Logo Design Love website as originally planned. That’s a fab resource for designers and clients alike so it would be really sad to have seen it go. Perhaps to somebody that didn’t feel ‘The Love’ for logos as Airey so obviously does. The second would be for the launch of his new site Identity Designed a new venture that explores brands from around the world. I’d also like to thank David for publishing my guest blog, The Designer and The Tech Guy on LDL. Holdonaminnit. That would be three pints.

To Logo Design Guru. Even though we’ve had some pretty weird issues with Logo Design Guru over the years, I’d like to take this opportunity to hoist a few jars in their general direction. The first round is for removing our artwork from their logo-design-gurureview sites as we had asked. That’s awfully sporting of them. The second is for removing themselves from the logo design pool and going full-metal spec work with their main site. Anyone now hitting the LDG site will be faced with a bunch of design contests, identical to their other contest site Mycroburst (and LogoGuru.co.uk, et al). More competition for the crowdspecking set I guess. Oddly, despite the fact that ‘design portal’ LogoDesignBlog.org has absolutely nothing (wink, wink) to do with LDG (while ‘reviewing’ them as the best logo design company on the web), that site published a “spec work is the future of the graphic industry” article the day that LDG turned on their design contest format. Even weirder, Mycroburst was then dropped out of the top tenenchanted-book-cover (they had been number two since the site’s launch) and were replaced by David Airey, ‘officially’ making him the second best logo design company in the world. Guess a forth pint should be sent Airey’s way for this achievement too.

To Crowdspring. At times I’ve been a pretty caustic critic of crowdsourcing, design contests and the sites that host them, so it’s only fair that when they do something groovy, I mention that too. ]Accordingly, I’d like to send a pint the way of Ross Kimbarovsky and Crowdspring for launching their 1-on-1 design service. Unlike their design contest format, these 1-on-1 projects allow design buyers to work with designers in a more traditional designer and client relationship. Of course, I could be a wag and point out that this flies in the face of a good chunk of the ‘crowdsourcing’ meme, and that this is pretty well the way every other design company works (without the upsell), but as this is the bitter-free edition, I won’t. I’d also like to thank Ross for being a good sport about the Darth Vader book cover pictured here. So what’s with the 99designs Borg Cube? 99-designs-the-borgNuttin really. Just figured if I’m gonna show Ross as a central Star Wars character, I needed to doll up the 99designs logo as a fave Star Trek icon.

Bitter-free fairness and all that…

To Printing For Less: For offering clients of The Logo Factory (and readers of this blog I suppose) a ten percent discount on ANY first printing services order. Printing For Less are the preferred printing partner of our shop (after working with loads of online print shops, over the years, with varying degress ot success). To learn why, you can read this.