A look back at some notable logo and design happenings of the past week. New logos for Seagate, Covington City, Alaska Air, Jazzercise and Atlantic Records. Premature design trends of 2015, some lovely rebrands and a terrible tragedy in Paris.

snippets-note-left-SMFridays are always a slow day for logo and design related stuff, so we usually don’t post or write much at all. That seems a shame really and at odds with one of our 2015 quasi-New Year’s resolutions – to blog a little more frequently. Accordingly, we figured a good way to bring the week to a close is to revive our old snippets format and review the goings on from the previous. We actually started doing this years ago, but kinda sucked in the regularity department and stopped after a whole bunch. We thought it was a pretty good idea back then, remains so now, so let’s give it another go..

The New Year begins

2015 begins
Seems like only yesterday we were trotting out our Christmas logo so it’s hard to believe that 2015 is well and truly underway. We were pretty good with the year-end stuff this time, putting together a major 50 top rebrands feature and a snaky best and worst of the logo and design world, 2014 edition. Those are both still worth a read in case you missed either. You may also have missed this – a look at the top 100 most valuable brands and their logos – and that’s worth a looksee too, if you’re into such things.

Anyhoo, upward and onward..

Our first tweet of the New Year..

Because Play-Doh. And penis.

Sketching is fundamental..

And easy to say when your sketchbook is as glorious as this one..

This is neat.

Though a monster PITA on deliverables..

Ahm, okay.

Stock photos can be useful. Unless you’re remaking the final scene from Seven, not sure what this would be appropriate for. It’s a head. In a box.

At the rate we’re going…

So-called “flat design” was a major thing in 2014. A look at where that might lead..

Ahm, no.

As if the fiasco of the Canadian 150th logo development wasn’t bad enough, they go and do this..

Ah, no big deal.

A swastika’s still a good luck symbol somewhere. Probably not under a Christmas tree though..

Most outrageous logo of 2014..

Not really surprising. It’s a cock that looks like a penis.

Seagate’s new logo.

It’s called a “living logo.” Whatever that means. Oh yeah, they’d also like a patent for it.

Speaking of fried chicken..

Hey, the Colonel’s groovy and all, but KFC pillows? A bridge too far methinks..

The 2015 “design trend” articles begin.

Not to get all pedantic or anything but we were five days into the year. A bit early for trends no?

City of Covington gets a brand makeover from Landor.

It’s a little zany for a city. Reminds some of a proctologist. Okay, it reminds me..

Alaska Air gets a new logo.

It kinda looks like the old one. At least half of the old one. And it’s blue.

Very nice..

Sky‘s new rebrand is gorgeous..

Well, this is awkward..

Open mouth. Insert foot.

Hey, it was an honest mistake. The nightclub logo is at right..
logo mixup

You probably already know this, but..

The Fed-Ex logo has a bloody great arrow in it. Even in Arabic. Which couldn’t have been easy.

The benchmark of great logos.

The most valuable brand. The biggest company. How the apple in Apple came to be…

The City of Portland doesn’t like Pabst’s new logo at all.

They saw a similarity to their own. Hardly anyone else did..

That new Seagate logo again..

The phrase “living logo” is still in scare quotes.

Zazzle are dumb.

Appreciate the concern about copyright protection and all, but..

#JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo

As the news of the terrorist attack in Paris against the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo hit the news, it seemed like free speech was under fire and artists were murdered just for being artists. In response, cartoonists and artists took to social media with their tributes to the slain and defiant messages in support of free speech.

The victims:
Charlie Hebdo victims

Happy Birthday Elvis.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll would have been 80 this week.

New logo for Jazzercise..

Apparently the old one was “all jazz no exercise.” The new one is “all exercise, no jazz.” Nah, we dunno either..

New logo for Atlantic ain’t so new.

Because 1969. And Zepplin..

USA Swimming redesigns its logo too.

Actually, it’s more like a whole bunch of logos..

Adweek looks at 11 major logo redesigns of 2014.

Eleven? Pikers. We did fifty.

One picture says it all.

The New Yorker magazine teased its cover for next week. It is a tribute to Charlie Hebdo. Powerful and poignant.

And with that, we’ll bring this sad week to a close.