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Main Business Logo: Tropical Nights Travel Agency
About: Airplane, Seaplane, Holiday, Vacation, Palm, Plane

seaplane logo

Seaplane logo – Tropical Nights Travel Agency.

Behind the Design Scenes: Tropical Nights design is an example of a travel agency being presented as a complex illustrative logo. The client wanted to capture the ‘romantic’ atmosphere of the old B/W detective movies (Casablanca is one example that comes to mind). It was decided early on in the design process to forgo the modern day jet airplane and utilize a 1940’s prop-driven boat plane to further the ‘image’ the client was after. This required extensive sketching and preliminary concepts using whatever photo reference was available. It is important that items presented in a realistic illustrative logo be accurate, so it’s important to work with a seasoned designer to obtain this kind of business logo. The font workup was selected to be reflective of the era (ala 1920’s decorative typography) and was ‘warped’ to make to give the forced perspective so popular in the day. This logo is a full-color design, but our designers also created black and white linear versions, as well as a grayscale rendering that can be used whenever required. See here for more travel agent logos.

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Logopalooza! 2008: Logo design demo reel

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