Continuing the stupidly long & exhaustive revamping of our logo that we started a few weeks ago. This time, we’re going to dial everything back. You can think of it as the “close, but no cigar” edition..

Preamble: This is second of a three part series. One is here. Three is here. It all started a year ago with a studio conversation that started a battle of our logos

A few weeks ago, I told you about plans to redesign The Logo Factory brand and walked readers through the stupidly exhaustive process of revamping a logo that we’ve used for years. After overhauling The Logo Factory house (long overdue) I set about incorporating the icon into a serviceable word mark. I thought we were on the right path, but numerous nay-nays in the comments section gave me reason to pause. My daughter’s “Looks like Crazy Earl’s Logo Emporium” comment didn’t help either. We had managed to develop what I though was a funky ‘different’ approach, but many thought the design didn’t work.

Revamping our own logos is the toughest.

Like most designers working on their own logo, I just didn’t know and when it comes to criticism of our own stupid logo, my confidence goes right out the window. While I sorta liked it, I wasn’t sold completely. So in this never-ending saga, we’re going to take another stab. Decided to have a another go at the font work, this time using versions of ITC’s Lubalin. Let’s start with a similar setup to the original rework, arcing the word ‘Factory’.
revamping-TLF-studio-logo-1Oh dear. That’s not going to work at all. All of the elegance is gone. The blocky bottom serifs of the letters make the wording look tossed blindly around the arc. Not good at all. Okay, back to a standard layout – the words on top of each other. Centered.revamping-TLF-studio-stacked-1Nasty. ‘The‘, ‘Logo‘ and ‘Factory‘ don’t work particularly well together. They never have (this was a problem almost 15 years ago with the original Loveletter treatment.) Even when centered, they appear as if they’re not. Gonna have to play with the spacing, sizing and alignment of each component. As best we can.revamping-TLF-studio-stacked-2That’s not too bad. While the words are staggered, there’s enough of a grid to hold the words together visually without appearing like a hodge-podge of disparate elements. One of the elements that I really liked from the earlier workup was a cog. So let’s add one. Or two.revamped-logo-with-cogsNot too shabby. One of the main parts of this exercise is to create a word mark that can stand on its own, but also cohabitate with our ubiquitous house. Let’s see how they pair up.

It’s okay, but the letter forms, being so blod, dominate the house completely. Maybe if we back off the boldness just a tad.

Okay, now we have something that looks like a decent fit. I realize that it may be difficult to tell the difference at this size, so you can compare the various treatments here. And let’s add the work portion of the logo to the cog we developed on our first outing.revamped-cog-purplesOverall – not bad. Funny thing is, after I finished all the various tweaking and messing about, I took a look at the ‘Crazy Earl’s Logo Emporium‘ version. You know, I still don’t mind it. True, it has a lot going on. And yes, it’s got a little bit of a ‘wild west’ vibe happening (but, if you knew how things go down at The Logo Factory, that’s not entirely inaccurate). In case you’ve forgotten, here it is again:revamping-logo-finalComparatively speaking, the Lubalin version is a bit, ahm, ‘safe’. No real ‘character’ or funky ‘style’. Seems I still can’t make up my mind, nothing “jumps out” so I’m leaving it up to you to select one. So, what’s it going to be? One cog or two? Bold or not-so-bold? Or throw caution to the wind and go with Crazy Earl and his Logo Emporium?

Alas, seems like the only way to finish this up is to absolve myself of all responsibility. Accordingly, the comment section is all yours.

Update: Even though this redesign has been going on for a while, we’re still not finished. There’s an interesting discussion in the comments and we finally get around to finishing up the logo redesign process here.