Precursor to The Logo Factory official

A blast from our past.

Was rummaging through my old portfolio on the weekend – one of those huge fake ass leather jobs – when I stumbled on this little gem. A photostat (anyone remember those?) of an early concept brochure for The Logo Factory circa 1993the precursor to The Logo Factory. Not sure of the exact date, but it’s around 1993, long before I had discovered the Internet (the original concept centered around using mailing lists culled from newly opened businesses.) I only found the brochure guts, the cover long since having fallen through the broken zipper of my monstrously impractical satchel.

What remains (above) is pretty interesting stuff, at least from where I sit. Retro logos a’plenty.

The Logo Factor Design BlogWhile some of the designs are a little ‘clunky’, and some are fake logos, others are still in use, over 16/17 years later. There’s a couple of designs for Northern Telecom, and some bizarre maestro character conducting a desktop PC. If memory serves, that would have been an Amiga, my original desktop machine of choice, two years before I picked up my first Mac (a PowerPC 6100/66). Also worth noting is the old version of our logo, some Tim Burtonesque design that still kinda works in a weird way, even though It’s a long way from The Logo Factory ‘house’, our first honest-to-goodness logo. Back then the Factory was envisioned as, well, a Factory.

Here’s the takeaway – If you haven’t looked at your old artwork for a while (I hadn’t for years), it’s always a lot of fun. There’s some horror-show design work to be sure, but I’m willing to bet you’ll find a few blog-worthy nuggets.

As I think I’ve done here.