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Your store or retail outlet may be the best in the world – you may offer the best prices, the best services, but if nobody is entering your front door, it’s all for naught. It’s up to the logo of your store, particularly if you have retail frontage, to attract customers and entice them to give your shop a try. In an extremely cluttered marketplace it’s also critical that your design can compete visually with other logos, as your identity is likely to be featured in conjunction with other material – magazine ads and flyers for example. When it comes to designing a logo for a store or retail outlet, it’s imperative that the project brief contain the proposed usages and applications of the mark as this will permit our designers to plan accordingly, and create a corporate identity that will work with all your advertising & media plans.

Some retail-specific technical limitations.

There are some practical considerations too. Depending on the type of sign making you’ll be employing, there may be some serious design restrictions – especially if your sign-box requires the application of lettering created using vinyl plotter production. It’s also important that you consider your target market – while you may not ‘like’ your logo according to your tastes, it may well be best solution to the people who will be potentially purchasing your merchandise. Accordingly, it’s important that your store logo has some visual reference to your inventory – your customers will be able to ascertain your outlet’s merchandise at a glance.

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