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When it comes to design latitude, logos created for restaurants and food service industry companies have perhaps the widest range available. In no other design category does the corporate identity reflect the character and personality of the company itself. The direction of the image is often dictated by economical factors – does the restaurant, bar or grill wish to market themselves as an upscale eatery? A trendy coffee shop? Or more along the lines of a budget, fast food hamburger, pizzeria, sandwich shop or grill?

Restaurant logos assorted

Does the restaurant specialize in particular cuisine – Indian, Chinese or Mexican to name but a few – and are there cultural implications of same? Does the eatery wish to appeal to a conservative crowd or the weekend party market who are more likely to identify with a design that features zany characters or mascots?



Marketing & advertising using restaurant logos.

Many restaurants also like to market their own line of marketing paraphernalia – clothing, mugs and hats for example, and that is often a factor in deciding the type of imagery required – a “would I wear a T-Shirt with this logo printed on it?” part of the equation. Colors play a large part of the use of the design (though not in its development – most logos are originally created in black and white) and that would be dependent on the target audience. While conservative restaurant logo projects generally lean towards muted colors, younger, less establishment customers would generally find brighter, more vibrant color themes.

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