It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got around to relaunching Logopalooza – our digital magazine celebrating the art of brand and logo design. Download your free copy here & let’s see where it goes.

[Download PDF] We first coined the name Logopalooza sometime back in 2006. Sure, we cribbed it off the famous rock festival, but as a brand name that was supposed to be about a celebration of logos, it seemed really, really apropos. It was the name of our first downloadable ebook, a gallery of logos to showcase and promote our work, something a little bit ahead of its time – the only place you could download the first and second volumes was from our website.

The original volumes featured full vector embeds of logos – a very, very bad idea considering people were just starting to nick designs off the internet to enter into design contests and what not (and why they’re no longer available.) To boot, Adobe security to prevent cracking into PDFs was useless. Worse, the files were huge. That’s not a problem today, but with bandwidth concerns being what they were, we had to be a little Logo Go Round News
judicious in how we made it available – making people send an email to an auto-responder account to get a download link. Even then, the first volume of Logopalooza was downloaded a couple of hundred thousand times. We managed to publish another one in 2008, but it fizzled again, while the name continued to serve us well. For a long time, we called this blog Logopalooza. When we recorded a few podcasts them too. A video reel as well. While slow boating Volume 3 to the finish line, we redesigned the logo, keeping true to the carnival vibe of the original. We’ve even managed to set up the matching website – pretty much a placeholder work in progress at the moment – and where that’s going to go is anyone’s guess.We got ourselves a Logopalooza Facebook page. There’s a Logopalooza Twitter as well (but we’ve forgotten the damn passwords for the time being.) This is very much an experimental effort to gauge what kind of interest such a thing might drum up, but now we’ve many distribution channels open, it may be worth while to make it into a regular outing.

The future?

This volume is still a showcase of older work by the gang at The Logo Factory but we’ve expanded the format somewhat, adding some some case studies, tips and a few other bits and pieces. There will probably be some typos. We’ve used internal projects and from our logo gallery as we’re aware of the rights management on the work and unless this thing is monetized somehow, that’s the only way it’s worthwhile. If it does manage to turn into a regular publication – frequency to be determined – we’ll probably open future volumes to other designers so that they can showcase their work too and we’ll debrand the entire thing from our shop. We’ll add some news, some more in-depth technical and design articles and maybe the occasional surprise. We’ll keep you posted how this all works out in the next couple of weeks. You can flip through the 32 pages above or download a PDF copy here. We’ve also uploaded Volume 3 to Issuu and Slideshare if those sites are your thing.