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When it comes to their logo design, real estate agents and agencies are varied in their tastes and design expectations. Some want a highly detailed logo to represent their real estate agency. Others want more abstract or iconic. Real estate brokers tend to favor logo designs that are more ego-driven – announcing their own personality to the world. However, real estate agent or agency design projects Red Door Realtygenerally begin with the same brief – to create a logo that represent trustworthiness, professionalism and sale savvy through a unique brand that will also carve out a niche in a very cluttered market place. Technical requirements are generally similar – the logo has to reproduce effectively in traditional venues (stationery design) as well as on lawn signs featuring the real estate agent’s logo, number and the sales status of the property.

Never use a photograph in a logo.

Where real estate agents often falter in their branding is the addition of a head shot photograph to their logo. Their intentions are sincere – it’s an effort to create a “personal” brand – but the application of same is a nightmare. Firstly, the quality of these head shots is usually sub par – they’re often taken by the same people who shoot passport photos (with similar results.) A photograph instantly time-stamps a logo – you’re one hairstyle change, beard or bout of hair loss away from the logo being obsolete. In terms of technical application, a logo that includes any photograph is fraught with headaches. harbourside-homes-real-estate-logo-designBy their very nature, photographs are bitmap images which, unless you have adequate resolution, cannot be enlarged to a size larger than a business card. This is especially problematic for real estate agents and realtors who’ll need to use their logo on large media – for sale signs and billboards are the two that come immediately to mind. Here’s an old blog post on a real estate development that illustrates this quite nicely.

Realtor logo applications & media.

The logo has to reproduce effectively in traditional venues (letterheads, brochure design and business cards) as well as on lawn signs featuring the real estate agent’s logo, number and the sales status of the property. Generally speaking, real estate logos tend to lean towards the conservative side, but with increasing competition, and shrinking market, many agents and brokers are becoming increasingly open to new ideas and concepts. While many real estate agents want to incorporate north coast realty group logotheir photograph into their logo, this isn’t something we advise. Photographic representations require four color printing, are sometimes restricted in the size at which the design can be used (due to resolution issues). A lot of the media that a realtor logo will be used in, signage for example, may require vinyl plotter output which can’t utilize the bitmap formats used by most photographs.

Avoid overused real estate themes.

Companies involved in the real estate industry often choose similar motifs for their corporate logo. One such popular motif is that of a lighthouse logo meant to represent a guiding light. Another is that of a happy family, usually standing in front of their dream house, though that theme has been done to death and probably a logo to avoid. Like most other types of logos, and In order to remain timeless, a well designed real estate logo avoids cliches, fads and trends. When using ‘trendy’ design styles, it’s important to keep this in mind. What’s trendy now, will be common place and trite in the future, probably just as you’ve started to get some traction with your company logo.

Strip of real estate logos

Trust is the key.

That’s not to say realtor logos should be boring, they shouldn’t, but it’s important to understand that realtors provide services to home buyers and sellers, some of whom are making the biggest sale, or purchase, of their lives. Any effective realtor logo needs to establish trust, and stability, reflective of the large financial sums involved. Some realtor support cartoon real estate logobusinesses, especially those who are only using their logo on websites and blogs, can be a little more liberal in the design style they utilize. In some instances, it’s even acceptable to use a whimsical or cartoon based logo, as the purpose is to market the website itself, and a little more ‘personality’ is not only a good idea, it’s expected.

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