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Project Notes:

Using the first initial in a company name as part of a logo is a pretty standard approach to brand development but the letter ‘Z’ is a different beast. While it’s graphically a very powerful letter, using it solo runs the risk of a logo that looks like a super villain from a James Bond movie or science fiction flick (think Zardoz from the movie of the same name or Zorg from The Fifth Element.) To avoid this connotation with the Zeltone brand project, we developed a simple brand “cube” that consists of three basic elements and makes use of negative space to complete one of the ‘Z’s. Here’s the starting point:

Zeltone logo cube design

Here’s how the cube looked once we split it up.

Brand system elements

These little graphic elements could be added as design accents to various branded marketing material, and even as watermarks on letterheads and business cards. The design works pretty well in terms of applying it to social media applications. Because the logo is set-up as distinct elements, we can break it apart into three distinct configurations.

social media brand application

Zeltone Industries

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Iconic logo design for a commercial and industrial cleaning supply company. Project recently updated with registered trademark symbol addition.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Letterhead design features bleed printing (in two color) with brand elements as a watermark.

Zeltone industrial cleaning supply letterhead design
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