The Woky Talky Chef logo

Project notes:

An effective logo can be more than a brand for your company, it can be a product onto itself. Such was the case for The Woky Talky Chef, a design that was to be used on a myriad of products, all available from the UK-based company’s web portal. The logo was to brand the web site, a product line of cooking utensils, books and recipe compilations.

Project brief:

Most important to the client – the logo had to be fun, ‘fresh’ and appealing. To accomplish this, the client envisioned his logo in a shield, with appropriate fonts cribbed from a typical Chinese restaurant. We were tasked to create a cartoonish representation of The Woky Talky Chef himself, while avoiding potentially offensive racial stereotypes (since this logo was developed though, things have changed a little as to what might be considered offensive or insensitive.) A few early stage concepts:


The personality that the character was to to embody (from the client brief:) “Fun, Funky, Entertaining, Light-hearted, Adventurous, Audacious, Cool, Daring, Spiky black hair, cheeky grin, Energy, Young” but the character was not to be “confrontational” as to appeal to the broadest market possible.

Once the character was settled on, the various design elements were combined into the logo pictured above. To add a little more dynamic to the logo, the character (and his wok) were offset at a slight angle. This logo is often imitated (and sometimes just plain knocked-off) for a host of Japanese and Chinese restaurants.

The Woky Talky Chef

“Your Guide to Oriental Cuisine”

Type Of Project:

Logo design & character development

Project Description:

A brand development for Woky Talky Chef (Guide to Oriental Cuisine,) a UK based web portal and publishing series dedicated to oriental cuisine and cooking. The central figure in this design was based on the host. Originally posted on our Daily Logo archives.

Type Of Logo:

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