Winged Heart Tattoo Logo

Project notes.

In the development of logo animations and video, sound is often a factor, especially when it comes to music. Music that’s freely available is often inappropriate or worse, it’s been ripped off from some commercial CD and will leave the end user liable for copyright infringement. Podcasts need theme music too, so being frustrated musicians (aren’t we all) we set up a quasi-recording studio to produce simple sound loops and more elaborate tracks if/when needed. As is usual with anything around the studio, we needed to brand it with a nifty name and logo, ’cause, well, just because. We figured a tattoo themed design would be cool – all trendy and stuff – so we went with this winged heart affair. Typography in a Germanic gothic font and we’re good to go. Want to listen to some of the stuff we’ve produced? It ain’t half bad. Want to see this spin? We did a little rotating 3d logo animation  experiment.

Vox Underground 3D glamor shot

Vox Underground

Type Of Project:

Internal branding

Project Description:

A winged heart tattoo is the inspiration behind this logo for Vox Underground, a music initiative that’s very close to our heart.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Winged Heart Tattoo logos BW versions

Black and white versions.

Even though this was an internal “pet project,” we treated it like any other, creating black and white versions for when the time arises. Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Grayscale version: using screens of black to produce gray tones, this logo can be used when color is not available, while still maintaining varying shades for visual depth.
2) Linear monochrome version: This logo format can be used on the lowest resolution reproduction (ie: faxes, checks and newspaper ads.) Technically speaking, a black and white linear version should be the starting point of any logo design process. While top notch reproduction is nice, it’s not always available.
3) Linear reverse version: your logo may get used on a reverse background or on a variety of colors (in this case black.) Accordingly, you’ll often need a reversible version of your logo. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of reversing the artwork (especially in the case of silk screening) but reworking the design entirely.

Vox Underground 3D alternate
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