Wild Hog Foods Group pig logo

Project notes:

Adding an animal mascot or cartoon character to a food or restaurant logo always presents a quandary. If the designer is not extremely careful it might appear that the animal is a) eating or cooking itself or a relative, b) happy at being presented as a food dish, or c) promoting its own demise. Maybe even a combination of all three. It’s best that the animal featured remain passively uninvolved, and worked into the design as a visual spokesperson.

A virtual spokespig?

In the case of the Wild Hogs pig logo, we created a nifty little mascot that simply gives a thumbs (hooves?) up to the company image. By developing animal logos and characters of this nature, we can also incorporate him (her?) in various environments and situations for a wide variety of marketing & advertising opportunities.

Cartoon logos are still serious business.

Even though cartoon logos are whimsical or humorous, they still have to work from a technical point of view. This project required to the creation of black and white versions – both halftone and monochromatic – for use when color was not available, and where screens not practical (think die-cut vinyl for example.)

Wild Hog Foods

Type Of Project:

Mascot development & logo design

Project Description:

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home. This little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none. And this little piggy had a pretty cool logo designed around him. A full-color mascot treatment for a food manufacturer and distributor specializing in BBQ pork products.

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.)
See types of logos for details.

Wild Hog Foods black and white logo
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