Upbeat Online King King logo

Project notes:

Upbeat Online saw themselves as a fairly edgy online entertainment magazine so when they approached The Logo Factory to develop their brand back in 1997, they already had some fairly well-defined logo design ideas in mind. Namely a highly illustrative logo based on a Hollywood icon, the King Kong gorilla (though this brand was designed long before Peter Jackson‘s 2005 opus and was based on the original black and white RKO Pictures‘ masterpiece) while eschewing a typical corporate identity treatment.

Upbeat Online Beauty Shot

While this is technically a cartoon logo, it is in the execution that the logo became a fully rendered illustration, complete with buzzing biplanes at which the giant gorilla is swatting with a magazine (ah-ha – finally, the ‘tie in’ with the magazine.)

Upbeat Monkey Logo Black & White in Sepia

A perennial favorite for website visitors (as well as TLF design staff) the Upbeat logo requires four color printing to reproduce accurately on marketing material (presentation folder design below) but our designers also worked up ‘sepia tone’ two color and black & white grayscale versions that can be reproduced with one or two colors to minimize reproduction costs on less ‘important’ marketing material (above.)

Upbeat Online Presentation Folder Design

From our archives. First published on The Daily Logo on August 15, 2001.

Upbeat Online

Type Of Project:

Brand identity development.

Project Description:

A King Kong inspired logo for a web-based entertainment magazine, this design for Upbeat Online was developed almost 20 years ago by our team. It still holds up. The big ape still kinda rocks..

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

We designed a bucket-load of collateral for Upbeat, including streaming audio player skins with a logo variation.

Upbeat Online Audio Player skin artwork
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