The Logo Factor

The Logo! Factor

We’ve always said that a logo is the spark plug of your branding engine. For The Logo! Factor, we took that analogy literally.

The Logo Factor! For Buyers

For Buyers

Art buyers & clients have a unique perspective about logos than a designer and require different information.

The Logo Factor! For Designers

For Designers

At We’re very much designers at heart & a Factor blog for designers would allow us to share insight from that perspective.

The Logo Factor brand

Spark plugs a-go-go

The Logo! Factor brand developed quite literally from a happy accident, a reaction to visitors misspelling our main web address, leaving out the ‘y’ and ending up somewhere else. We figured we’d buy that domain too and redirect it to our main site, but it wasn’t long before realizing that ‘the logo factor’ was a great concept and brand name in its own right. At the shop we had always called a logo the ‘spark plug’ of a branding & marketing engine, so when it came to designing a logo for The Logo! Factor that seemed liked a good fit. The logo was split into two variants – one for art buyers and the other for designers – to encompass the different points of view we might address on a Factor blog.

As opposed to ‘factor’ wanted to emphasize the ‘logo’ part of the brand, so we put the exclamation point in the wrong place. Grammar purists have been giving us grief for it ever since..

The Logo Factor! Beauty Shots
The Logo Factory

And finally, how the logo evolved to form the brand for all our blogs

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