Soupy's Tequila Shack bar mascot logo

Project notes.

When Soupy’s Tequila Shack approached our studio, they already had an idea of what they wanted, their client brief quite succinct and to the point – “the word Soupy’s to appear larger and Tequila Shack to appear smaller. We want the “S” in Soupy’s to be a turquoise tequila worm with sunglasses and a big smile. Other than that, I’m open to ideas. I want a “cartoonish” look to the logo.”

Once we had developed the mascot, it was much more developed than the client had envisioned and subsequently became the central theme of the logo (and the restaurant itself.) Developing a cartoon logo for any brand development project can be a daunting task, for anyone but the most experienced designer. The logo has to be simple enough to be reproduced on a myriad of media (in this case, patron and staff logo T shirts were of primary focus) while still being unique and sufficiently ‘animated’ to capture the imagination of customers. Over the years, our team have become quite adept at weaving mascots into many types of logos.

Originally published on The Daily Logo: September 9, 2003.

Soupy’s Tequila Shack

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo design project for a Mexican themed tequila bar and restaurant. Design features a cartoon treatment of a tequila worm – Soupy – surrounded with appropriate typography and graphic accents.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Mascot detail.

The mascot from the logo is a tequila worm, made out to be a sombrero toting bandito. While these details may seem like overkill on a logo, keep in mind that logos for bars and restaurants tend to be used in large format – signs, light boxes and even billboards – where these details (and any flaws) are noticeable. Besides, there’s a certain “Kilroy Was Here” aspect to hiding details in designs and logos.

Soupy's Tequila worm mascot logo
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