The Tanning Factory logo

Project notes.

Rather than a typical tanning salon logo, The Tanning Factory wanted to play up the ‘Factory’ aspect of their company name trademark (we know what they mean). This industrial theme was to be portrayed through a ‘Gotham Cityesque’ (think Batman) linear Factory sitting on top of a gear icon. This was a look that could be transferred successfully to the clients letterhead, stationery, appointment cards and other marketing materials. The colors were critical, as these would end up as the interior of the company’s chain of tanning salon outlets. The linear treatment of the design would allow it to be used on storefront signage and light boxes without too much grief.

Stationery design.

The industrial theme was of the logo was carried over to the stationery through minimalist imagery and a strong, linear layout. The Factory portion of the logo was used as an accent graphic on both the letterhead and business cards. As this was designed as a spot color logo, we were able to take advantage of screens and tones to add new design elements to the stationery presentation without incurring further printing expense.

The Tanning Factory

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Unorthodox industrial treatment for a tanning salon. This design has been a feature on our site for years and is always one of the most popular.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

The Tanning Factory letterhead
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