Vargo Associates satellie surveying logo

Project notes

The concept for this logo was simple. Rather than incorporating typical surveying tools and images, our designers focused on the hi-tech aspect of the company, particularly the GPS technology being employed. Creating a wireframe globe, and an extremely simple satellite graphic as a starting point, we were able to fit all the client’s textual requirements into the design, wrapping a rather long strapline around the globe.

Business card design.

Using various screens and tones of black, along with the hunter green, meant that any stationery could be reproduced through consistent spot color printing. As there were a large number of business cards required, we set up the artwork in print-ready impositions.

Vargo Surveying & Planning business card design

Flash animation.

The logo animation for this project meant creating a 3D version of the satellite that we could then ‘orbit’ around the globe. To accomplish this, we built a simple 3D polygon model, based on the original from the logo, in Swift 3D and rotated it around a sphere. The rotating globe is actually three frames moving back-and-forth that when animated give the appearance of a complete rotation. In order to bring in some of the text quickly, we used a one-frame motion blur that gives the appearance of speed that’s not possible using the standard ‘tweening’ function of Flash. Once assembled we ended up with a nice little looping animation that is very small in terms of file size.

Vargo Surveying & Planning truck decals

Vargo Associates

Type Of Project:

Logo, stationery and vehicle wrap design.

Project Description:

Brand development for a satellite surveying and planning contractor. Simple wireframe globe and a monochromatic satellite were the focus of this design. Nice little 3D animation too.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Color variation.

Logos of this nature can be color agnostic. That is, the color changed be changed depending on the application.

Vargo Surveying & Planning business card design

Vehicle wrap design.

Creating vehicle wraps isn’t a major concern as long as the logo files are set up correctly for either digital output or die-cut vinyl plotter files. Most companies who produce vehicle wraps have a catalog of spec sheets for most popular trucks and utility vehicles.

Vargo Surveying vehicle wrap one
Vargo Surveying vehicle wrap two
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