Boot Hill Legendary Steakhouse original logo

Project notes.

For years this steakhouse restaurant and night club had used logo art that was built around a colored pencil sketch of a pair of cowboy boots. At some point, stressed typography had been added – non-one can remember the name of the font – and everything was great. They managed to get by, using the logo on signs, menus and the like without much issue (as long as they featured white backgrounds that matched the canvas color of the bitmap images the logo had to be in.) Here’s what the logo looked like.

Original penicl sketch logo art

Trouble is, when it came time to build a new website, developers needed a version of the logo that could sit on a colored background. That meant the background needed to be transparent (possible but it would pixelate – appear jagged – on the edges.) The real problem was they needed to change the color of the font from dark to light. Having only bitmap versions of the logo available, that was difficult to begin with. Bits of type were sitting on the cowboy boot art, making it almost impossible. The only real solution was a logo redraw – turning everything into vector art. Here’s what the redraw looks like.

Repaired logo

We moved the restaurant name off the boot artwork. The boot artwork was converted to vector – keep in mind that there’s no way to duplicate a pencil sketch into vector art exactly but we try to keep as true to the original as possible. We also added the restaurant location to the artwork. Now we have a logo that’s predictable, available in proper file formats for any application. Designers will no longer have to work around technical issues every time new marketing material comes down the pike.

Boot Hill Steakhouse

Type Of Project:

Logo repair and redraw

Project Description:

Converting hand drawn bitmap logo art into vector format. Type addition and redraw.

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Repaired vector version.

Detail of the completed logo repair (wireframe mode.)

Vector repair details

Repaired vector version.

Detail of the completed logo repair (preview mode.)

Vector repair closeup
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