Animation project: The Vox Underground

This is more of a lab experiment than anything else, developed to test the limits of HTML5 and Flash 3D animations (this project was also featured in a blog post about the experiment.) The artwork was originally developed in 2D as an Adobe Illustrator vector-based logo. To convert the logo into a 3D model, we used Swift 3D (now discontinued software that created vector-based 3D models that could be imported into Flash) to rotate it 90 degrees one way, and then 90 degrees the other. Our rotation is actually a “cheat” – the wording is never backwards in the animation. The version that’s running here has been converted to HTML5 using Swiffy, a Flash to HTML5 conversion tool from Google.

There are some minor issues with the movie – the file size is larger than the original animation by several times. As this is still vector-based (as opposed to bitmap pixel-based formats like .GIF animations) some of the polygon join marks are noticeable. As the animation is presented here several times larger than ever intended (as as rendered with that in mind) those joins wouldn’t be apparent in smaller sizes. All in all, not a bad result considering this animation will play on Flash-restricted mobile devices and tablets and remains scalable – without any resolution issues – just like the original Flash rotation.

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