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Personal branding.

Realtors and real estate agents tend to market themselves under their own names – property sales can be personalized with a personal brand – and like to have their personality incorporated into their logos. Such was the project with Dave Elfassey Real Estate. The icon above is actually Dave’s initials worked into a cityscape with a house outline (he oversees both commercial and residential sales.) Don’t see the ‘D’ and the ‘E’? Let’s turn it sideways..

Real Estate logo turned sideways

Adding typography.

We didn’t want to overpower the subtlety of the icon with overstated typography, so a simple hyper-kerned strapline was added.

Dave Elfassey Real Estate full logo

Dave Elfassey Real Estate

Type Of Project:

Brand development for a Toronto realtor

Project Description:

Logo design and icon development for Dave Elfassey Real Estate. Turning someone’s initials into a nifty little icon isn’t always easy, but when it comes together it’s rewarding for client and designer.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Icon configurations.

The advantage of these kind of icons is that they’re very flexible in the ways we can use them. We can utilize different configurations depending on the usage – lawn signs, key fobs, whatever.

Dave Elfassey Real Estate logo configurations
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