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Project Notes:

While many of our clients are looking for more illustrative approach when it comes to their new logo or brand, often it is the simpler iconic treatment that is more suitable, particularly true of companies that are marketing high-ticket items to a select demographic. Such was the case of Harbourside Homes, a New England based home builder who were looking for a corporate logo that would oversee their various real estate developments brands, icons and themes.

Maritime Themes

Harbourside wanted a logo that reflected a marine theme, as well as a icon that indicated they were home builders. Rather than going for the obvious, our designers selected a simple graphic treatment of a aquatic bird, created from the ‘negative space’ in the house graphic. Negative space (using the white space of a solid graphic to create a second image) is a very effective technique to create simple, memorable logos and is often employed in iconic treatments. Various tones of blue complete the ‘seaside’ imagery leaving us with a fairly striking design featuring a regal bird standing on a beachfront. The subtle house shape ties the graphic into the real estate theme.

The obvious color selection for this logo was blue (water) and this helped our logo designers keep the number of colors to a minimum, thus saving on reproduction costs. Simple coloring also translates into black and white more effectively, while the simple graphic translates very well into embroidery, signage and other marketing material using ‘difficult’ reproduction techniques.

To illustrate the power of a a “timeless” logo, this was originally published on our old Daily Logo on February 12, 2004.

Harbourside Homes Real Estate

Type Of Project:

Logo & stationery design

Project Description:

Logo design for a real estate builder with add-on design of business cards & letterhead.

Type Of Logo:

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Harbourside Reversal

Stationery Design

As part of this project we also designed stationery and business collateral. Below: letterhead and business card (front and back.)

Stationery Design for Harbourside
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