Raccoon Logo - Strone Creek Grill design

Project notes:

Whenever we utilize an animal as a logo mascot, it’s often desired to present an anthropomorphic version of the animal (giving it human-like traits.) In this logo for a trendy eatery and grill, our designers created a cartoon illustration of a raccoon, complete with beer mug and quizzical expression. This type of approach can be quite effective in developing branding systems (the character can interact with different environments) and is particularly applicable for restaurant logos. This a similar treatment to other animal-themed logos we’ve created over the years, including this nifty little squirrel logo.

Alternate designs:

Even though the character is established, we can still play around with backgrounds and color treatments for a different approach. Alternative version shown:

Alternative Raccoon character alternative version

Stone Creek Grill

Type Of Project:

Logo & character design

Project Description:

Brand development and logo design featuring a slightly cartoonish raccoon mascot. Logo was designed to be utilized in various configurations with/without the character.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Logo without Raccoon character
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