The Little Donut Factory logo final

Project notes

Due to the time involved in rendering final art for illustrative logos, most of these projects have to start off the old-school way – traditional drawings, usually pencil sketches that require the client to have a little faith in what the final design, once rendered, will look like. Over the years, we’ve had to explain to more than one client that the initial doodles are only a starting point, after they’ve complained that the sketches look “amateur” (or worse) in early rounds of the design process. We’ve found that an explanation of what we’re striving for, design-wise, and how we’re going to get there BEFORE the project begins, always helps keep the client ‘in the loop’ and cognizant that the rough little doodles presented will eventually turn into a professionally rendered logo. Here’s how the project for The Little Donut Factory started:

Little Donut Factory pencil sketches

The first concept (from the original client brief) sees a baker pouring doughnut batter into the top of a zany factory. Roughed in typography starts the ball rolling towards a final logo. We also worked up a 3/4 side view of the factory, sans baker, with different roughed-in typography. One glaring design flaw – the doughnut conveyor belt splits the company name in half. We’d have to get around that somehow. By turning the factory around perhaps?

Little Donut Factory sketch front view

Taking it to render.

Once we’d settled on a view and style, it was time to render the art into vector versions, and add a suitable cartoonish typography. We used a very vibrant color scheme from the get go.

Little Donut Factory vector art

The typography and factory art were always designed to be agnostic of each other. This would allow us to use different configurations of the logo, depending on where it sat on packaging. Type to the left:

Little Donut Factory type to the left

Type to the right:

Little Donut Factory type to the right

The Little Donut Factory

Type Of Project:

Product logo

Project Description:

Logo for The Little Donut Factory, a consumer level doughnut machine. Design was developed for packaging and POP.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Black and white artwork.

Even though we’re working with a whimsical cartoon logo, it’s still serious business so we’re going to need a halftone version of the logo (for when color isn’t available.)

Little Donut Factory halftone black and white

We’d also need a monochromatic black and white linear version for really-low resolution applications. Like so:

Little Donut Factory monochromatic black logo
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