Power Colors

Color is critical when rolling out a new brand. So we developed Power Colors, a system to build powerful schemes..

Power Colors Full Logo

Adversity is the mother of invention

Our Power Colors system actually arose from struggle – a self-confessed color weakness of TLF Creative Director Steve Douglas. As a classic illustrator, his roots are in the black & white world of pen and ink, and color theory bored him to death in art school. Alas, effective color choice is critical to branding and marketing, so he had to figure out advanced color theory and what colors actually meant as his shop grew. Somewhere in those efforts, Douglas developed a system that allowed him to create full-range color palettes within minutes. Sure, there are software paletting systems, but they’re often too narrow a range with a couple of options. With our in-house system, we’re able to develop effective & powerful color combinations well into the 40 color range. Like everything at The Logo Factory, this system needed a logo. We made one.

This is it.

Power Colors Round Logo

Power Colors needed a full soup-to-nuts brand build. Far too much stuff to preview here in full, but here’s an idea of what some of it looks like. The color wheel logo (above) and a whole mess of charts, covers & swatch panels (below.)

Power Colors Color Graphics

At present, our nifty color system is only available for clients of the shop but we might package it for retail at some point. Probably come in handy for any designer creating logos or building brands. Oh yeah, the similarities between the Power Colors font and that of The Logo Factory? No accident.

Power Colors Color Graphics

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