Pick a Pizza Logo

Project notes.

The concept for Pick a Pizza saw the company accepting orders via an online ordering system, and choices, while varied, being limited to a number of popular topping combinations. While Pick a Pizza had their delivery and concept down pat, they had no creative direction in terms of their brand, and left that to our designers to develop. As many of our projects at our shop do, the project began with a series of doodles, sketches and very rough conceptual drawings. We originally envisioned the design featuring internet themes and imagery, combined with some cartoon characters, buildings and factories.

Pick a Pizza concept sketches

As the logo design process wore on, these cartoon logos were rejected for a more traditional style, incorporating a graphic depiction of The Golden Gate Bridge for localization. After selecting appropriate typographic styles, we began to experiment with some color palettes and combinations.

Pick a Pizza color variants

Eventually, we settled on a typical red and green color scheme, pizza ingredient icons were illustrated and added and the logo finalized. As most of the planned marketing was either online, or where full color reproduction was available, we weren’t terribly concerned about developing a full color logo (though black and white logo versions were developed for internal use).

Collateral design:

As the company was in full-blown startup, we also needed to develop flyers, design brochures and ads for The Yellow Pages. As the deadlines for printing and publication were time sensitive, stock photography wasn’t available and there wasn’t enough time to shoot specific material, our designers created a series of simple icons that were also appropriate for Pick a Pizza’s web site.

Pick a Pizza brochure design

Once we have a ‘library’ of icons, illustrations and related artwork that’s specific to a client, creating additional collateral material can be quick, easy and more important to the client, done at reasonable rates. We were able to create this magazine banner ad using elements from the original sell sheets and brochures and even though the client was located in San Francisco, they were able to work with our designers remotely on our Factory Floor client area.

Pick a Pizza banner design

This logo has been featured as an example of restaurant logos on our website for years, has served as the ‘inspiration’ for several pizzeria logos and was even the subject of a post about copying logos on our old legacy blog.

Originally published on The Daily Logo: November 8, 2005.

Pick A Pizza

Type Of Project:

Brand logo design and intro animation

Project Description:

Brand development for a San Fransisco based pizza restaurant with web-portal for delivery. The Flash intro animation had to be short and to the point.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

Flash Animation

Flash animations can be problematic due to Apple’s refusal to let them run on their mobile devices though they’re still pretty nifty for desktop viewing and non-Apple devices. This animation for Pick A Pizza weighed in at a paltry 40k while its Quicktime video counterpart, with moderate compression, is 2.4 MBs.

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