Panda Fireworks logo

Project notes:

Rather than a full blown illustrative treatment, our team opted to take a more linear approach, breaking the panda bear down to its basic components and then into a solid color graphic. Due to the nature of foil and other packaging requirements, we needed to stay away from blends and other complex graphic elements. Once the panda graphic was developed, we added a firecracker (in a traditional red color) as well as a fairly bold font treatment that was “warped” around the bear.

Alternate proposals:

As part of our logo design process, we often come up with great alternative logos that just don’t make the cut. Here are a few from this project:

Panda logo - alternative proposals


Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Arya is a leading firework and pyrotechnics manufacturer that markets their products under various lines including the Panda brand. Development and design of this logo was fairly straightforward, something the client had already realized. The only instructions on their client brief was a request that we create a ‘neat looking Panda bear.’ Mission accomplished.

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.)
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