Olde Mill Cabinet Company Logo

Project notes:

The Olde Mill Cabinet Company was barely a month old when they came to The Logo Factory for their new company brand. The client, who had a passion for quality woodwork building and old world attention to detail, wanted their custom logo to depict a coexistence of the modern woodworking industry with the classic approach to kitchen & bath cabinet building and construction. The creative approach was to be “iconic, professional, bold, unique, high end” yet somehow meshing a modern look with a historical flare. Our designers and the client envisioned a 1700’s revolutionary era, which was visualized by using slightly elaborate, Rococo style ornamentation. The typography selected was clean, yet stylized just enough to carry the historical theme. The circular saw blade is an icon that the client felt was a recognizable symbol that encompassed working with wood – years ego, and to this day.

Company descriptors in logos?

Because they were a fledgling woodworking company, describing exactly what the company did – ‘Cabinet Company’ – was extremely important. Many clients initially think that such a detail is unnecessary, but until such times as your new brand is recognizable, and famous, enough to ‘drop’ the descriptor (think Nike) it’s generally advisable to tell your audience exactly what you do. With all this in mind our designers created a series of logos based on the very narrow parameters that the creative brief and initial consultations had outlined. The brand building process for Olde Mill consisted of initial preliminary designs (right) and a few simple revisions,leading to the final design (above.) This was one of the rare cases when we had ‘hit it out of the park’ on initial attempts. The client certainly helped the design process move along, developing a stylistic concept before they even submitted their project. We’ve also added letterhead and business card that should give you an idea of where the visual image of the company is headed. Probably worth while to note that the logo, and the stationery, are created in four color process and keep in mind the ramifications (expense) of same.

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Olde Mill Cabinet Company

Type Of Project:

Logo & stationery design

Project Description:

Development of a brand logo for a woodworking & cabinetry company that wanted to emphasize old-school craftsmanship over modern technology.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative See types of logos for details.

Alternative logos presented during project:

Olde Mill Cabinet Company Logo Variations

Stationery Design

Letterhead & business card (front & back) shown.

Olde Mill Letterhead & Business Card Design
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