New Life Community Church Logo

The “Lion of Zion.”

Rather than the typical church imagery – crosses, doves and mountains – New Life wanted a more iconic logo that would appeal to a younger market segment in their community. To that end, our designers developed a series of concepts bases on the ‘Lion of Zion‘ and pared the design down to a very simple graphic. Originally, we worked with an entire lion (main above) but eventually settled on a lion’s head and flame icon.

New Life Community Church Alternative Logo Version

Project Notes

As more and more churches embrace modern marketing methods, they’re beginning to understand the importance of logos and branding. Such was the case for the New Life Community Church who hired us to develop their new logo, as well as a Flash animation that could be used on their website and when converted to video, presentations on and around the church grounds.

Components of New Life Community Church logo animation

Logo animation

It’s always important to flesh out a rough concept of any logo animation before starting production. In the case of New Life, the client wanted the lion to roar, so we had to develop a new version of the logo in Illustrator – splitting the lion’s head into three parts; the top of its head, an articulated jaw and neck, as well as two different versions of the flame that we could animated using traditional motion-tweening and transparency. The various bits and pieces were imported into Flash where they were layered and assembled into a 20k animation that featured a lion’s roar sound clip.

New Life Community Church

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

A regal lion forms the focus of this design for a community church. The logo was developed in two forms for different graphic applications.

Type Of Logo:

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