Natural Gas Company logo

Project notes:

Regardless of what some absolutists will say, blends and gradients are perfectly legitimate as long as they’re used judicially, not as a visual crutch to substitute for something “missing.” In this case, we needed to have a flame, it had to be blue (the company name actually means blue in Italian) so not much choice. For what it’s worth, we did create some “flat design” versions anyway:

Natural Gas Company flat design comps

Alas, they didn’t have the same effect at all (truth to tell, logos with gradients have always required a flat version anyway – for applications when blends are either not appropriate or technically unsound.) A lot of designers freak over blends in logos, claiming that they can’t be reproduced using spot-color printing. That simply isn’t true.

Azure Midstream

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo and collateral design project for Azure Midstream, a natural gas and natural gas liquids distribution company operating in North Louisiana and East Texas.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Blended spot color setup

Business card designs.

When it comes to utilizing gradients in logos, we can dial it back when applying that logo to other material. Just because your lead logo is full of blended goodness, that certainly doesn’t mean you have to go to town on collateral material – business cards, letterheads and the like – with wanton abandon. Rather, using flat support graphics can set off a logo with gradients quite nicely. Compare these:

Business card design

There’s always too much of a good thing, and as far as these cards go, flat is definitely where it’s at.

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