Animation project: Country Club Vinyl & All State Fence

This animation “stitches together” two completely separate brand/sub-brand logos – All State Fence & Country Club Vinyl – into one looping animation. In order to create a movie that blended the two logos into one piece, we created individual yet similar animations (using Flash and Swift) and then generated and end sequence for both that could be used as a visual ‘bridge.’ The stars and fence posts are created as frame-by-frame 3D elements while the other objects in the movies are moved about by ‘tweening.” This movie was set to ‘loop’ as its was to be used as a screensaver download and a display animation that could run on office computers when they weren’t in use.

While the animations shown here were developed in Flash and Swift 3D the movie is converted here into HTML5 for responsive playback on Flash-restricted smartphones and tablets.

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All animations & movies presented in our portfolio are not for sale or license. Unless specifically noted, ALL company logos featured in animation examples are proprietary, subject to copyright/trademark and used here as examples by permission from IP holder. Unless otherwise noted, animated logos presented were also designed by The Logo Factory design studio. Where possible, we’ll link back to the original case study in our logo design gallery.


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