Travel Junky Monkey logo

Project notes:

Whimsical, monkey themed logo for Travel Junky, an online travel agency and booking system (now defunct.) Once the logo was developed, we also developed a spinning 3D animation in Flash. Due to the lack of support for Flash on certain mobile devices and tablets, we also developed an animated .GIF of the animation that could be “swapped out” when called by a smartphone or tablet without the Flash plug-in.

Spinning logo Monkey animation

The size of this animation is a little on the big size (319K) compared to the original Flash animation that weighed in under 60K. Flash animation is still supported by desktop computers, some mobile devices and under some conditions, can be converted into HTML5 animations that play on all devices.

Travel Junky

Type Of Project:

Logo design and animation

Project Description:

Development of a cartoon monkey mascot and logo for a UK travel agency portal. As the only planned usage for this design was on a website header, it had to fit into a square aspect ratio. For similarly themed logos (with completely different treatments) see the Chimpanzee Species Survival Project and Upbeat Entertainment.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

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