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Project Notes:

The full version of the Sips Media logo (above) with all components in place, the result of a fairly lengthy design process during which our designers developed numerous icons, images and artwork that were assembled to make up the final logo. If not handled correctly, this approach to a brand development project can end up with a ‘Frankensteined’ look – disparate styles of illustrations and components fighting for attention, rather than the harmonious visual theme that is critical for a successful design of this complexity. The client wanted an image of the actual product along with various icons and images that portrayed the applications and services being offered – quite a grab bag of stuff and a lot of details to fit into a relatively small space. Our designers tackled the project in stages and began with the development of the base logo, a soft drink cup, straw and attached CD.

Icons initial renderings

We then developed a series of pictograms, each representing the various movies, music, games and software applications that would be advertised on the CDs and DVDs portrayed. As these icons were to be incorporated into the final design, and often reproduced at small sizes, they needed to be as simple as possible. The themes included news, software, music, telephone, movies, animation and more. These icons were also developed with web button usage in mind (though this was discarded for a much more detailed approach as the project wore on.)

Icons initial renderings

Due to advertising limitations and planned name ‘brand’ recognition and positioning, there were planned applications that involved text only art. As the font work had to work with numerous design elements, it had to be reasonably simple yet dynamic enough to stand on its own. Working with numerous font styles and text treatments, our designers created a wide range of text versions before settling on the one shown.

fonts & lettering

Once the designer and client had settled on the font treatment, and the various mini icons, it was now a matter of putting everything together into a relatively cohesive logo. We used the original color scheme (typical of Drive-in movie soft drink cups) but this was later changed to reflect a more vendor ‘friendly’ setup. Even though the logo is an extremely complicated image, it still works as due to careful planning and execution.

Original logo assembly

The simpler, almost text-only version of the logo had to be pared down and portray the product with a simple iconic accent. This logo is obviously more adaptable to a wide range of advertising uses, while the ‘glamour’ shot – main – is used for more ‘ah-ha’ applications such as brochure covers, ads and television spots.

Pared down text version

Sips Media

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Illustrative logo for a interactive advertising & media company.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

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