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Spinning, revolving, assembling logo animations were a natural extension for TLF. Naturally, that service needed a brand too..

Logo Lick White Only

Like an ice cream cone..

Animating logos was a natural extension of The Logo Factory, especially when we got the hang of Flash. We’ve done some amazing stuff too, from spinning, revolving, assembling logos to 3D extravaganzas. Like everything at our shop, we wanted to be different than everybody else and brand that part of our offerings. We came up with a name – Logo Licks – as these movies were headed for the web, they couldn’t be too drawn out or be mammoth file sizes. They had to be zippy little movies (think guitar licks) and that name just stuck.

Naturally, Logo Lick needed a brand workup and a logo, so we kicked around some ideas. Focusing in on ‘lick’ we thought of things that would work. A tongue was out (The Rolling Stones had already grabbed that) so we came up with ice cream (don’t ask why.) That became the creative brief – design something that’s “like an ice cream cone.” We were working almost exclusively in Flash (we still do a lot of those) and everybody and their dog had techno logos. Accordingly, we went retro, creating a design that was reminiscent of a 50’s ice-cream parlor (about as far removed from the hi-tech theme as we could get.)

Here’s what we came up with..

Logo Lick Big Logo

As we work a lot with 3D logos, this design also needed to be worked up as a 3D icon. So we did..

Logo Lick Big Logo

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