Magnolia Financial Planning Logo

An atypical corporate approach

Magnolia Financial Planning Services focus their business activities almost primarily on retirement issues, so the company wanted a non-threatening, ‘calm’ corporate image – from their name down to their logo. Many financial institution logos tend to lean towards cold and monolithic, so this represented a welcome change in direction. During initial design, it only made sense to brand the company with an illustration of a Magnolia, the flower that was their namesake and rather than being ‘cliche’, was just was the doctor ordered. Using a watercolor motif for the design, our designers then added warm, subtle colors to complete the task and fulfill the client mandate. With the icon portion of the logo embedded into the type itself, this isn’t your typical corporate treatment but effective nonetheless. The subtlety of the design required an alternative dark background version inside a bounding box with a harmonious color (below.)

Magnolia Financial Planning Logo Dark Version

Magnolia Financial Planning

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Logo & brand development for a community-based financial planning company.

Type Of Logo:

Typographic (with iconic embed.)
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